Music Videos - Antartica

Cover del video Clinica degli antartica con ballerina in body motion capture
Antartica - Clinica

Clinica is a piece created by using the latest body motion technologies and workflows. Antarctica has been awarded as one of the bests song and music videos of MTV 2021.

Directed and shot by Giovanni Montagnana and David Sarappa, Clinica has been made completely in CGI and uses the latest Motion Capture technologies to capture the dancer’s movement with stunning precision.

The main character is a turquoise-haired girl from her room. She swings among incredible scenarios and dances to the rhythm of Clinica. All of this was possible only through the motion capture technologies handled by our team of top edge Animation Specialists.


Producer: Giovanni Montagnana, David Sarappa
Production Supervisor: Andrea Ravaschio
Mocap Specialist: Giulio Figari, Matilde Bertoli
Animation Specialist: Vittorio Rivabella
Dancer: Deborah Todescato
Music Producer: Simone Sproccati, Enzo Cappucci
Illustrators: Ale Giorgini, Linda Flowers, Ondagram, Fraffrog, 2BROS Creative, LeCosette, Disegnetti depressetti, La Muco, Girubarto, Massimiliano Marzucco, Andrea Nobis