Digitalcomoedia - Arkaevision

Concept art Arkaevision progetto di mocap facciale

Arkaevision is a DigitalComoedia project designed to be virtually immersed in the beauties of
our cultural heritage, thanks to the latest facial capture and body mocap technlogies.

The scope is simple: make art, culture, and the incredible beauty of our
historic and cultural heritage more accessible by making them eternal.

Our team has created Eragne, the protagonist and guide of a journey that drives the audience
through an interactive and multi-sensorial experience while discovering the Temple of Gera.

DigitalComoedia is one of the latest body and facial Mocap realized by our team in 2019, before the great evolution of Omincap towards the real Performance Capture: We said a last goodbye to the facial markers, and, eventually, we move towards the latest generation of facial Mocap.

Immagine di Arkaevision con la protagonista in primo piano

Today, we catch the facial performances with markerless professional helmets that allow
real-time acquisitions and the maximum freedom of movement for the performer.


Producer: Digitalcomoedia
Mocap Supervisor: Gabriele Paolini
Mocap Specialist: Giulio Figari